Summer's End

 Time has slowed to a crawl. The days are hot and long and gloriously paused before summer breaks like a wave with the coming of September. I treasure these last couple of weeks.

The neighborhood pool is closing as children return to school. I bike around town and notice that the tourists are leaving (they'll be back soon: SA is best when the heat has broken) and it is quiet and still on city streets. 

I attended a fun end-of-summer party recently in which we all brought five pictures from recent travels and told one story. It could have turned out a bit too twee, but it didn't: It was a fun evening. It helped that the travelers, instead of smug, were passionate about travel. They were genuinely curious about other people's experiences. People told stories about camping in Colorado, about a teaching gig in Budapest, about a bicycle ride outside of Amsterdam. It was a take on "What I did on my Summer Vacation," but with wine.

I'm reading Italian writer Elena Ferrante's trilogy "Neapolitan Novels"  which includes My Brilliant Friend and The Story of a New Name, and I am awaiting Europa's translation of her third, Storia di chi fugge e di chi resta, perfect for long afternoons.  Her novel The Days of Abandonment is like scalding water.  And I just finished Haruki Marakami's new book, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his Years of Pilgrimage. I don't want to get up off the couch. 

Tea dresses are what I'm thinking about now, maybe because they are a great transition dress.  My favorite is a navy cotton with teeny white flowers scattered about and buttons down the bodice that I thrifted a couple of years ago. I wear it with my Saltwater sandals or Supergas in the summer and then with skinny flats and a vintage cardigan - '50s, embellished with a scattering of seed pearls- as the weather cools.  In the winter I'll wear it with nubby tights, ankle boots, and a thick pullover or a shrunken Pendleton wool blazer. For a funkier vibe when I'm feeling it, I'll wear a pair of  Dansko strapped shoes or clogs. This dress is one of the most versatile things I own. 

I'm wearing it barefoot now, and I'm feeling sleepy in the hottest part of the day, as I stayed up late last night, sitting on the veranda with friends drinking whisky, neat. I adjust the wood blinds, and take to my sun dried sheets with a plate of cold melon slices, a book (and a lover) for a siesta and luxuriate in these last days before we wake again to the fall! 

Goodbye summer's golden days! It all went by so quickly, didn't it?

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