Bare Legs

These first days of bare legs makes me feel young and sexy.
 Is there anything more sensuous than the first bare legs of spring? The morning chill raises goosebumps and warm, luminous afternoons finds me walking downtown, a bare-legged flaneur.

My leather moto jacket becomes a lightweight  jean jacket. Sweaters become three-quarter sleeve cotton knit tees or bretons, black becomes saturated greens and blues, flats become espadrilles, skinny jeans and pants become cropped or as the month progresses, shorts.  I wear a medium-weight cotton shirt dress or a tea dress with tiny florals toughened up with a military vest (one of my favorite buys this season), or a  slouchy cotton pullover sweater.


I avoid a look that reads “sweet” or demure. Not at my age. Not in a city where we eat any thing sweet - fruit or  chocolate - with strong dashes of lucas or straight-up red chili pepper. 

I am ready for  bare legs. I pour grapeseed, olive, and safflower oils and lace it with lavender for scent in a pretty bottle. (this also makes a terrific gift).

 I use this in my bath water, I smooth it on while I’m still damp from the shower, before bed (the scent is calming), and ...whenever. The oil is absorbed quickly, but my skin, but especially my legs, shimmer    You'll  get a lot of compliments.

I make a paste from baking soda and coconut oil for a terrific and gentle exfoliating treatment.

Now is the time to make an appointment for a pedicure, to be serious about sunscreen, to start drinking more water...

and time to walk!
And while you're at it, check out Teju Cole's beautiful novel, Open City or On Looking: Eleven Walks with Expert Eyes by Alexandra Horowitz
Lose the last of those slothful winter pounds and tone up those legs. I'm cranking up Lake Street Dive on my earphones as I walk more places as the weather warms. Walk in your own city:  Be an urban explorer, a purposeful idler, and in the tradition of Balzac and Baudelaire, a connoisseur of the streets! Instead of meeting for lunch or drinks, invite friends out to walk. Arrange for a regular hike at a local wilderness park. Get out of your car. Now.

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