The Fourth

Our nation's biggest bar-b-que picnic, is upon us. Instead of hot dogs with relish and Boston baked beans, we are more likely to have smoked brisket tacos with fresh salsa and borracho beans. 

Viva Fourth of July!

Daytime is picnics in local parks and backyard bar-b-ques, visiting family and friends. I bring cold bottles of local beer and bowls of chunked watermelon with a bottle of lucas for sprinkling and, of course, guacamole.

 White eyelet and navy is perfect this year. Wear an eyelet tank with navy shorts or skirt and sandals, or a striped top with an eyelet skirt with canvas slip ons. Take sunglasses and a large woven bag with handles for carrying the goodies in style, pull your hair into a knot or messy pony tail and don't forget the sunscreen. 

In the evening I'll go to an annual party with tables laid out in the back yard of a stately old house with red, white, blue and gold lame (The hostess is a gold lame kind of woman!) bunting, a band, and dancing.  I bring chilled bottles of Prosecco, a couple of boxes of sparklers, and greet friends with cheek kisses and the hostess with a small gift - some lovely thing wrapped in a red ribbon. I'll change into an eyelet dress, a pretty bead necklace, and dressier sandals. If I lived in a cooler clime, I'd slip on a denim jacket. 

The fireworks will be everywhere on the streets although it is illegal. We'll oooh and aaah and walk home late in the night, tired and happy. The smoke hovers in the air as we whoop it up.

Happy Independence Day!

By the way, my favorite history book on the subject is still  A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn.

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